The Brunswick & Jacob’s Tavern at Summit Square

A full-service, restaurant style dining room and pub at...

Summit Square’s latest renovation phase provides residents with a new dining facility with a modern layout and sophisticated atmosphere.  Renovations consisted of fully gutting the existing dining room down to the stud walls and concrete floor.  The space was subdivided, thus creating two new dining venues.  New, more modern fixtures and finishes were applied and the existing skylights replaced to bring more natural light into the space.

The Brunswick, a full-service dining room, provides a restaurant style dining experience complete with host seating, waited service, and a selection of entrees along with nightly specials.  While the floor layout is wide open, a friendlier table setting is created via an array of columns and ceiling bulkheads.  The addition of a private-party dining room provides for more intimate gatherings.

A traditional pub, Jacob’s Tavern is there for when you are seeking a more relaxed dining atmosphere.  Sporting a full bar, large fireplace, and fully stocked wine rack, Jacob’s Tavern is the perfect escape from daily life.