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Our team of professionals bring a deep and varied background of experience to the table.  We recognize that successful projects are a combination of the “creative” within the “practical”, and that both of these elements must be delivered extremely well in order to realize an excellent project.  We also strive for cooperative relationships with Building Officials and Contractors.

Excellent Design + Excellent Drawings + Cooperative Relationships = Success for our Clients

Portrait of John R. Mather, AIA

John R. Mather, AIA


John Mather, founder and principal of Mather Architects, has been designing public and commercial buildings for nearly three decades. John’s first passion is creating innovative solutions to architectural problems — solutions that balance economy, technical excellence, and beauty. His second passion is combining rigorous project delivery standards with superior client service.

Portrait of John R. Mather, AIA

John J. Daly



Portrait of Fred Ridder

Fred Ridder

Production Manager/Senior Project Manager

If John Mather’s responsibility is blue-sky thinking, Fred Ridder’s is down-to-earth planning and project management. A graduate of the Maryland Drafting Institute, Fred has been creating buildings for 35 years, drawing on a deep knowledge of construction principles and building codes. He prepares high-quality design and assembly drawings, is proficient with AutoCAD Architecture, Revit, and DataCAD, and is able to effectively communicate technical information to project stakeholders.

Rebecca Penrod Portrait

Rebecca Penrod

Director of Marketing and Business Development

A Harrisonburg native and graduate of Florida State University, College of Business. Rebecca has a passion for making connections and building lifetime relationships.

James Harte Portrait

Connor Dulevitz

Architectural Intern

A graduate of James Madison University with a BFA in Architectural Design, Connor joins the Mather team ready to apply his academic knowledge and impressive drafting capabilities to projects. Learning under the direct supervision of both John and Fred, Connor is an asset to our team.


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