A Comprehensive Suite of Architectural Services

Mather Architects is a full-service architectural firm with a collaborative and consultative approach to design. That means, first of all, that we take the time upfront to fully understand our clients’ needs — not just their structural and practical needs, but what is most important to each client. How will this building be used? What are the priorities of the people who will be using the space? What are the primary challenges confronting this project? We then work in close conjunction with each client to create an innovative solution that balances the practical with the ideal and makes the best possible use of every available resource.

It also means that the range of services we provide is adaptable to the needs of each individual client. We’re happy to provide you with an individual consultation session to help you develop your ideas about your project. We’re also glad to see your project through from the idea phase to your grand opening. That means handling:


Schematic design

We work with you to fully articulate your project’s goals, research the requirements of your project and your site, and use an iterative process to develop drawings and documents that illustrate design concepts and creative solutions for meeting your goals. The result is a schematic design that lays out the scope, general character, approximate size and approximate budget for your project. This sets the stage and gives us the tools for moving forward.


Design development

Here, we use the schematic design as the launching pad for a more detailed design plan and begin to lay out the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural and architectural details. At the end of this phase, we usually make a formal presentation of these detailed plans for your approval.


Construction documentation

Now we move to yet a greater level of specificity, producing detailed documents with all of the specifications needed for construction plans and materials. Based on these, a contractor can price and build your project.


Bidding and negotiation

We’ll handle as much of this process as you need us to, based on your requirements and whether you have a pre-existing relationship with a building contractor. We’ll prepare bid notifications and instructions, along with all the materials necessary for successful price bidding, and help you evaluate the bids and select the winning bid.


Construction administration

As with bidding and negotiation, our involvement in construction depends entirely on your needs. Generally, at a minimum we provide supplemental sketches, clarifying instructions and other support to the contractor as needed. We’re also ready to provide full oversight of the construction process to ensure the successful realization of your project.