Duffey United Methodist  Church

A Beautiful Update to a Historic Church

Duffey United Methodist Church, built one hundred years ago, was much beloved by its close-knit community.  Its congregation was not only growing, but its needs were also changing.  They needed a way to expand and update, without destroying decades of history embedded in their historic church building.  In order to make the most efficient use of the resources and space available, they needed their new space to be able to serve a wide range of functions. 


Size: 5,000 s.f.

Cost: $1.2 million

Client: Duffey United Methodist Church Congregation

100 N Elm St
Moorefield, WV

Completion: 2015

Project Type: Church

Partners: Nielsen Builders

The new entrance to Harrisonburg City Hall, Harrisonburg, VA, at dusk.
An aerial view of Harrisonburg City Hall, Harrisonburg, VA, where you can see all construction, old and new.
A hand drawn look at the architectural hyphen of the new Harrisonburg City Hall, Harrisonburg, VA. This is the glass atrium area that connects the old building to the new building.

Project Info

Mather Architects created a new two-story addition that serves primarily as Duffey’s Family Life Center and is large enough to seat 300 people.  This new space, on the lower level of the addition, is both formal and durable.

It is flexible enough to be used for worship, receptions, casual social gatherings, stage performances, and youth recreation.  Near the Family Life Center are several new classrooms and a modern commercial kitchen. 

Another view of the new entrance to the new Harrisonburg City Hall, Harrisonburg, VA.
Looking up at the atrium windows in the new Harrisonburg City Hall, Harrisonburg, VA.

We also created a design that allows the new addition to blend seamlessly with the beautiful old church.  The upper level connects directly to the existing sanctuary via a new narthex which is a large porch that was a feature of many early Christian churches but also graces the modern church.  

The two levels of the new addition are visually connected by glass. Its external detailing, including the brick colors, coursings, gabled roofs, and a historically detailed new main entrance, match the existing church.  The new addition also features six of the church’s original stained glass windows.  

The stairwell in the new Harrisonburg City Hall, Harrisonburg, VA.
The balcony above the lobby area in the new Harrisonburg City Hall, Harrisonburg, VA.

The result is a beautiful and functional update that greatly expands the resources that Duffey UMC offers its community while preserving a much-loved historic building.  

Two months after we completed the work, the congregation finished decorating and outfitting its new Family Life Center, then gathered to consecrate it with a joyful celebration.  


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