DuPont Community Credit Union

A New Design for a New Philosophy

DuPont Community Credit Union (DCCU) has been serving the Shenandoah Valley for more than 50 years.  It was founded in 1959 by the Waynesboro employees of E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co., and its first location was in one employee’s basement.  The institution has expanded greatly since then, establishing three locations in Waynesboro and many others in Stuarts Draft, Staunton, Verona, Woodstock and Harrisonburg.  But for DCCU, growth is not only about new locations – but it’s also about creating spaces that express the institution’s philosophy and mission.  When DCCU decided to introduce itself to Harrisonburg, it wanted its new location to embody its principles of self-help, an empowered membership, and the value of engagement and interaction in addition to the transaction.


Size: 8,000 s.f.

Cost: $1.2 million

Client: DuPont Community Credit Union

47 W Kaylor Park Dr
Harrisonburg, VA

Completion: 2007

Project Type: Financial Institution

Partners: Nielsen Builders

The new entrance to Harrisonburg City Hall, Harrisonburg, VA, at dusk.

Project Info

Mather Architects created a design centered on an open floor plan – a significant departure from the traditional layout of most banks, which nearly all feature tellers behind counters and customers in lines in front of the counters.  DCCU offers, in addition to traditional banking services such as mortgage lending and investment counseling, support services, including consumer product review and purchase guidance, retirement planning and financial education. 

The open plan allowed DCCU Member Advisors to engage with members in a more direct way that is better suited to DCCU’s array of services.  It also creates space for a self-help tech area outfitted with computers and printers; this allows DCCU members to take care of routine banking functions themselves, with Member Advisors there to help with more complex or specialized functions.

The balcony above the lobby area in the new Harrisonburg City Hall, Harrisonburg, VA.
Another view of the new entrance to the new Harrisonburg City Hall, Harrisonburg, VA.

The new credit union, located on Harrisonburg’s Kylor Park Drive, opened its doors in February 2007 and was greeted with enthusiasm by the Harrisonburg community.

Its interior expresses DCCU’s commitment to serving and empowering its membership, and its exterior projects a new and progressive look, conveying DCCU’s cutting-edge approach to remaking the landscape of community banking.

Looking up at the atrium windows in the new Harrisonburg City Hall, Harrisonburg, VA.


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