Feasibility Study

Facilities Assessment and System Master Plan for the Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative

Feasibility Study

Mather Architects studied all the facilities of the Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative (SVEC) across an eight County area (in Virginia) from Winchester to Staunton.


Client: Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative

Location: Mt. Crawford, VA

Project Type: Feasibility Study

Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative construction drawing by Mather Architects.

Early Concept Schematic Elevation

Project Info

With the rapid growth of the electrical distribution needs in this area and with aging facilities at their disposal, the SVEC realized that a system-wide analysis of their facilities was needed to determine their condition, strengths, and weaknesses.   A complete view of their system allowed us to develop a master plan for how the SVEC can best renovate and re-position the co-op for the most efficient, safe, and prompt operations possible.

We conducted a detailed analysis of all five operational sites (district operations) as well as their headquarters facility.  This analysis included not only the structures and building systems, but also the staffing and positions. We generated individual facility program charts to better understand and document the staffing and space needs of each site.  This allowed us to make recommendations for improvement and more efficient use of resources.  We mapped out the current distribution of resources (both material and personnel) and identified locations that would better serve the cooperative’s members.  We also identified the repairs and renovations that needed to occur at each location and generated construction budget numbers for each.  All this information was parsed and assembled into a comprehensive master plan detailing recommendations and project phasing based on priority.

We are pleased to report that, since the conclusion of this report, the SVEC has implemented our recommendations and completed a number of major components outlined in the master plan.  This includes the construction of a central warehouse, renovations to the Winchester District complex, renovations to the Luray District complex, sale of the old Rockingham District Office, sale of the old Headquarters building, and construction of a new Headquarters building of our design.

The new entrance to Harrisonburg City Hall, Harrisonburg, VA, at dusk.

Concept Schematic Customer Entrance Elevation


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