HR Community Services Board-Let’s Build!

Feb 5, 2020 | News

The last month has seen great progress on the Harrisonburg-Rockingham County Community Services board project with both the Main Street and Washington Street sites a flurry of activity.  Construction is underway!


On Washington Street, the McNulty parking lot expansion is complete.  The new parking lot adds eight new spaces and provides a through connection to Washington Street via Ralph Sampson Park.  Also on site, construction is underway on the two new additions.  Walls are up, the roof has been shingled, and the building should be dried-in by the end of the week.  These additions will add an extra 1500 SF of space to the McNulty center and alleviate some of the growing pains the center has been feeling.  McNulty staff are excitedly waiting on the extra space and looking forward to the other updates planned for the build.


On Main Street, blasting and rock removal has finished (to the sadness of many interested staff members and clients) and construction of the new emergency services entrance is under way.  While the Main Street Staff and Clients have mastered the art of Automotive Tetris, everyone is excited for the additional parking this service road will provide onsite.  Meanwhile, heavy equipment is tearing up the old parking lot and excavation for the new building foundations is scheduled to begin in the next few weeks.