Projects at Bridgewater Retirement Community

Jul 7, 2022 | News

We are working with Bridgewater Retirement Community on two projects.  Here are descriptions and renderings of both projects.


Hearthstone Manor

This project involves the complete re-facing of the existing Hearthstone Manor Independent Living facility at Bridgewater Retirement Community.

This building was constructed 30 years ago and had aging materials on the exterior and a “dated” appearance that no longer fit into the community architecture.

The new design included several key elements that all combine to make a much more pleasing appearance while also improving and replacing existing materials.   These items include:

  • Removed old exterior stucco and replaced with new, insulated exterior stucco system with attractive “belt-coursing”,
  • Removed old thin-veneer brick and replaced it with new thin-veneer brick.
  • Created new roof “gable” elements in key locations to compliment the surrounding, similar architecture.
  • Re-purposed an existing, dated tower element to now be a clock tower with a new gabled roof.  Veneer stone was also added as an accent element.
  • Replaced all the existing windows,
  • Replaced the roof shingles,
  • Raised the drive–under canopy, which was very low.  A skylight was also placed in the canopy to allow for more light in this area.


Hearthstone Manor at Bridgewater Retirement Community

Arts and Crafts Community Center

The project involved taking a former pre-engineered Rescue Squad building and converting it into a community center.  Not only was the interior renovated to house arts and crafts studios, meeting spaces, and a Kitchen.  The exterior was completely re-faced with the following elements:

  • Addition of a new exterior canopy around the perimeter with supporting classic-style columns,
  • New sloping metal “screen” roof to give the building a more residential feel and hide mechanical units,
  • New windows,
  • New faux stone with Hardie board above on exterior walls,
  • Donor brick paver area where those who donate to the project receive a commemorative brick paver in front of the main entrance.
Bridgewater Retirement Community Arts and Crafts Studio