We are all in a New and Different time

We have concerns about our health and the health of those around us, we have concerns about our businesses and organizations, and there is just uncertainty as to when things get back to “normal”.   But here is something to remember that has been and will always be true – the only thing that stays the same is that things constantly change.   So we have a new “change”, but we will get through it and things will return to something similar to where we were before, but there will be an evolution in our society, in our jobs, and in our organizations.

I like to think that in every challenge there are opportunities.   You can come out of this situation stronger, or weaker – it depends upon how you spend this unique time.
Smart people are using this block of time to gain new knowledge, new skills, and to plan for the future.  There will be a competitive future.  So what can you do now, even if you are home and away from your place of work?   A lot.  You can challenge yourself to rise to 30,000 ft and take a view of your business, your organization, the mega-tends in technology and the world, where you want to be in 5 years or 10 years, and begin to develop a plan.  Use this time as your “edge” in the market.  Come out of this with a “plan” and a direction.   Take advantage of the historically low-interest rates and a construction market that will be hungry to get back to work.


With the use of technology such as e-mail, Zoom meetings, Scanners, copiers, and Virtual Reality software and Autocad, etc., we can still have productive and meaningful discussions and design time with our clients.  We are doing it today.


Some time spent now may be the best and most important time that you have spent in years!  Think about it!

Continuing to Design Meaningful Spaces

John Mather and Team