We are excited to announce our selection by the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Community Services Board (HRCSB) to design a new facility at their existing Main Street location, as well as additions and renovations to their Washington Street location, known as the McNulty Center.

The HRCSB has provided mental health, substance use, and developmental disability services to the Harrisonburg City and Rockingham County communities for over 47 years.  The 55% increase in demand for services over the past 10 years, from citizens of all ages, created a significant need for workspace in both child and adult clinics.  The investment in this new building will create a welcoming and safe environment for all who come seeking services.

HRCSB employees are currently operating out of six different buildings at 1241 N. Main Street and at 463 E. Washington Street which is no longer adequate, this project will allow the HRCSB to expand and properly house ten departments together under one roof on Main Street, as well as to expand the space needed at the McNulty Center on Washington Street.  This plan is the result of a feasibility study we previously conducted for the HRCSB.

This work will all be completed while services continue to be provided at each location.