Masterplanning & Feasibility Studies

Masterplanning &

Feasibility Studies

Mather Architects has completed numerous Feasibility Studies and Masterplans.  Each unique in its approach and design to facilitate the specific needs of the project at hand.  Our experience of over 20 years reflects a blend of creativity, responsibility toward budgets and exemplary client service.

Feasibility Study for the HRCSB

City of Harrisonburg Public Works Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study for Renovations to the YMCA Waynesboro, VA

Shenandoah Valley Electric Logo

SVEC Facilities Study


Masterplanning involves taking a “30 thousand foot view” of the property and/or buildings involved in the project and then making design decisions which accomplish long-range goals, utilize the available property in ways that make sense economically, and produce a vision that is pleasing to experience.   This often involves considering factors such as existing land contours, utilities, roads, environmental factors, views, phasing of the work and costs.   When completed, a good masterplan serves then as a roadmap for the development and implementation of construction projects.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies generally involve the study of how a facility, department, or multi-site business or Institution can plan for future growth and expansion.  The Study begins with a detailed analysis of what currently exists, and then asking questions about the type and areas that need to be expanded.  This is all quantified and documented in a “Program of Spaces” which list current and projected growth in each area of the organization.  Next, sketches are produced showing how the “Program” can be accomplished thru rearrangement and possibly new construction.  Several design options may be produced for consideration, which are accompanied by a written narrative.  Cost projections are then produced for each option so that the client can then make the best informed decision about the direction to follow with future projects.

Masterplanning & Feasibility Studies


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